Yes (Full stack of 64)


2 Full Hunger

Apples are food items which fills 4 units of hunger in Minecraft.

Crafting Edit

Obtaining Edit

There are five sources of apples (only 4 are literal sources):

  • Oak leaves have a 0.5% (1/200) chance of dropping an apple.
  • Chests in strongholds, villages.
  • The bonus chest.
  • Trading with villagers.
  • Killing Notch in multiplayer will drop an apple in addition to his inventory.

(Note the reason above is highly unlikely as Notch is hard to find.)

Efficiency Edit

Pros Edit

  • Apples are a renewable resource and can be harvested alongside wood.
  • While the player is harvesting wood, they receive apples with next to no added effort.
  • Apples are needed to craft golden apples, which are extremely beneficial food items.
  • Apples can be a good source of food when a player first starts in a new world, as it doesn't consume time planting seeds or killing mobs.

Cons Edit

  • Apples only restore four hunger.
  • Players will become hungry again quickly compared to eating bread or meat due to a low saturation value.
  • Apples take more effort to farm than other foods, and should generally be considered a by-product of wood harvesting.
  • Apples can be an unreliable food source, as even large trees may occasionally drop no apples.
  • Also, farming apples as food requires chopping the wood, then waiting for the leaves to decay on their own: On average, breaking 200 leaf blocks will use 5 food units, to produce one apple that only gives 4 units when eaten.