Banning (or blocking) is when I will make it so you are not allowed to contribute to this wiki for X amount of time. This is not refering to the server feature "ban". There is a temp ban, or temporary ban, and there is a perma ban, which is a permanent ban, for this wiki. Since there really is no perma ban for the wiki, I have to put in a large enough amount of time that none of you should live to. If you do, then you can edit this wiki, I guess.


Minor offenses

Minor offenses progress up in time as you keep doing minor offenses, such as adding pages or content putting hate out to people. 1st warning: 1 day

2nd warning: 2 days

3rd warning: 3 days

4th warning: 4 days


100th warning (-.-): 100 days


365th warning: 1 year, I guess. Set as 365 in case of leap year.

Major offenses

If you do a major offense, such as threatening to "kill" someone, replacing entire pages with something such as one person replaced this page (with "My nipples are hard."), and the Stone Block page by the same person (with "I eat tacos. :3") (If you found either of these funny, feel free to laugh), and replacing current images or adding images that include something racist, sexual, etc. You should be able to tell if what you are doing is a major offense.