Raw Material


Yes (Up to 64)

Coal is abundant and is commonly found underground. It can be made by placing a block of coal in a crafting table, or by placing a coal ore block in a furnace. It is a very important resource, as it is used for making torches and smelting, though charcoal is an acceptable substitute.



none + none + none

none + Coal + none

none + Stick + none

Fire Charge *shapeless recipe

none + none + none

Blaze Powder + Gunpowder + none

none + Coal + none

Block of Coal

Coal + Coal Coal

Coal + CoalCoal

Coal Coal Coal



  • Fuel
  • Crafting


  • Stated by Notch in a livestream, charcoal is just a name class edit of coal, explaining why it functions like coal.

You can make charcoal by melting wood with coal

  • Coal and Charcoal have two different data values and thus do not stack with each other, even though they can be used interchangeably.
  • Charcoal was actually originally suggested by a user on Twitter as a writing implement.
  • In Minecraft Pocket Edition, when you touch Charcoal for the item name, it will say 'Coal'.
  • In the Pocket, as well as the Xbox 360 edition, there are two separate crafting recipes for torches: one is for natural coal, and the other is for charcoal.
  • Coal can be found in chests in Mineshafts and Strongholds.
  • Block of Coal can smelt 80 items, which is more than the smelting time of its ingredients, 9 coal.
  • Wither Skeleton may drop a lump of coal upon death. This makes regular coal a renewable resource.