Endermites are very small, hostile Mobs.


Endermites are similar to Silverfish, except they are smaller, more cube-like, and purple. An endermite will occasionally Spawn when a player throws an Ender Pearl. It will repeatedly attack the player, dealing Template:Heart(1 heart) of damage per strike. If it is killed by a player or a tamed Wolf, it will drop 3 Experience. An endermite will Despawn within two minutes, unless it is named with a Name Tag.

Endermites currently experience multiple bugs, and have a tendency to stay in one place and become glitched, as opposed to moving like other Mobs.


  • When spawned in Creative Mode, due to a bug, an endermite will not move. Instead, it will just shake its body.
  • Dinnerbone has stated he has an "Ultimate Plan" with endermites, which might include the Dragon Egg. However, he also mentioned that he has not discussed this idea with the rest of the Mojang team yet.[1]
  • Before 14w27a, Endermen could spawn endermites by teleporting: each teleport had a 15% chance to spawn one, but each successful endermite spawned would reduce the chance by 1% (i.e. fifteen endermite spawns would prevent that Enderman from spawning another endermite).
  • Although endermites were previously similar in shape, size, and general appearance to Silverfish, the texture and model were changed in a snapshot in order to make them more unique.
  • Endermen are hostile towards endermites and will attack them.
  • Unlike Endermen, endermites do not teleport, nor do they take damage from Water.


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