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On this Wiki, you can contribute by adding or editing pages. Please help make this Wiki have information on all of Minecraft! Also, if you want to contribute information on mods, be sure to make it clear that it is modded.

What is Minecraft?


Minecraft is a free-roaming Sandbox game. You can build anything! The possibilities are endless! Build with infinite resources on Creative mode, and Survive with respawning on Survival mode. If you are real gutsy, play on Hardcore mode, which is like Survival, but you are stuck on the equivalent of Hard difficulty, and won't respawn.


Please help contribute this Wiki! It is quite new, and needs to be expanded. For now, please just add info on blocks, items, enchantments, dimensions, et cetera, and if not already created, create it. Spread this Wiki around! Get it known, and filled with information!